I know I’ve complained about this before but Kishimoto needs to stop fake killing his characters.

I’m suddenly bringing this up because I just realized that he’s been doing that since… well, basically the first storyline. When Haku “killed” Sasuke just a couple volumes into the series I was like D8 OMFG. But then you find out Haku was too nice and didn’t actually do it. <3 But that made me realize just how often characters “die” in that series.

I guess after the Haku incident no one “dies” until the Sasuke retrieval arc. That’s when Choji and Neji “die”. I was SO upset during that arc! NEJI!! And Choji’s past was so DEPRESSING. But I am glad they didn’t die.

But it really bothers me when Konoha is like DESTROYED and a ton of characters “die”, including Kakashi, only to have them ALL come back. I was like “YES! PLOT PROGRESSION! SOMETHING’S HAPPENING!! PEOPLE ARE DIEING! OMFG EPIC.” But no. NO. Tsunade’s like BAM RESURRECT -faint coma- and EVERYONE COMES BACK TO LIFE.




Ah. And Tite Kubo has been making his characters lose limbs for the past couple of months.

i cried/died a little inside when choji, neji, kakashi died. I’m so happy they’re alive and Neji has had a revelation and is no longer a prick :)

omfg no kidding, my little sister always makes fun of me for liking Naruto haha and every time I freak out about a new chapter, she’s just like, “did someone die-and-come-back-to-life AGAIN?!”

I just never know what to believe…I bet Itachi’s not even dead.