things all my friends know about me, and therefore you should too.

01. I have an unhealthy obsession with bread.
02. I have an unhealthy obsession with oreos.
03. I have an unhealthy obsession with pandas.
04. I watch an equal amount of anime, British TV, Showtime dramas, sitcoms, crime/detective dramas, and reality TV.
05. so even as a film major, I can admit to watching The Hills and Jersey Shore.
06. I have also never seen Big Lebowski…stfu.
07. I can’t whistle, snap my fingers, or ride a bike.
08. I’ve worn some form of a bow in my hair all day erryday since 2007.
09. I like clothes/bags/office supplies that are shaped like animals or have cute animals on them.
10. I like making lists that nobody reads.


01. been on set since 7am (ended at 8:30pm), meaning I had to wake up/say my goodbyes to Shane around 5:30am. sad sad sad day turned into fun fun tiring day.

02. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET SICK THREE TIMES IN ONE MONTH. like this is biologically impossible.

03. Spring Break has started today, but no relaxing until later in the week when shooting’s over! lots to do, but whatevs. Mad Men marathon once I’m back home.

04. landlord just came up to give me free shit as usual, but this time with two brand new shirts thrown in. COOOOOL.

05. (in 26 minutes) anniversary with boyfriend <3 not a particularly noteworthy anniversary or anything, but since we’re across the state from each other, I feel this needs to be said regardless. Shane, if you ever log onto tumblr again, I hope you see this and realize that I am delirious when on cold medicine, and thus this “romantic” internet gesture is just a fluke and you suck.

big news!!

last May, myself and a whole crew of great people started production on a feature length film called Yes We’re Open (click for the IMDB page). almost a year later, and the film is now showing for the first time at San Francisco’s infamous Castro Theater as the centerpiece for the International Asian American Film Festival!

I’m so glad I got to be a part of this film, however small that part was, and I’m excited to see it tonight and reunite with the rest of the cast and crew that made those three weeks of production an amazing experience.

if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come out and see the world premiere of a movie with lots of sex and fun and sex!


San Francisco Castro Theater
Sunday, March 11, 2012
5:30pm - red carpet
6:30pm - screening
9:00pm - after party

things I did today (because I’m sure you’re all wondering).

01. register for classes in the wee hours of the morning
02. see Adventures of Tintin (by myself)
03. get about $9048350938603 worth of gas
04. drive my momma to the hospital
05. do all the household shopping because I am adult
06. to be relevant, actually see Young Adult (by myself)
07. pack my bag for San Francisco tomorrow because I am going to spend the next few days with my smelly, stupid boyfriend YAYAYAYAYAY mawp.

woody allen films that I have seen.

in chronological order.

bananas. play it again, sam. sleeper. everything you always wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask). annie hall. interiors. manhattan. zelig. purple rose of cairo. hannah and her sisters. crimes and misdemeanors. husbands and wives. bullets over broadway. match point. cassandra’s dream. vicky cristina barcelona. midnight in paris.

total: 17 and counting.

finished AnoHana!

I love how I’m just watching 2011 anime now, I am so behind on teh timez.

AnoHana was pretty okay. definitely sad and a good mini-series, but I still only liked one character out of the 6 (Menma drove me fucking crazy…I don’t like overly-cutesy characters at all). but in the end, I’m glad I watched it. the ending was pretty fucking cute/depressing/optimistic, everything considered.

but anyway, anime has to be put on hold for now because I am obsessed with playing Okamiden okay? okay >3<

Nobody dies from lack of sex. It’s lack of love we die from.

The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood.

which of these things do you like?

01. anime
02. video games
03. breakfast food
04. lord of the rings
05. british television
06. christmas
07. photos shot with film
08. starbucks
09. harry potter
10. tumblr

things I want to do over break:

01. build a gingerbread house.
02. make a lamp out of a wine bottle.
03. hang out at Color Me Mine/Petroglyph.
04. paint chalkboard mugs.
05. bake a giant cookie in a skillet.
06. watch all of Boardwalk Empire.
07. also Breaking Bad.
08. cam-whore with disposable cameras.
09. bake homemade whoopie pies.
10. walk around in stupid holiday outfits.

if anyone in the San Jose/San Francisco area wants to do one of these with me, hollaaaaa at me!

I love how I keep getting invited to awesome things and cool parties and special screenings once school is over, but I have to miss all of them because of the shit going on at home. the second my last class gets out, I’m off to San Jose to deal with some pretty big things, and in the process, I’ll be missing out on holiday fun, big goodbyes, events that have been planned for months, and hanging out with people who I won’t see for who knows how long.

not that I’m complaining because honestly, I need to be home right now because it’s clearly more important than all these petty things. but really, this is the worst timing possible and it just really really sucks to see everyone else having a good time while my life — among others’ — falls apart.

hoping, praying, wishing for the best. and to the few of you who know what’s going on, thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes. updates will come eventually.

happy holidays.

things I like to do (but rarely ever get to do).

sitting on rooftops. picnics and barbecues. trips to the zoo. pictures on the beach. going to the circus. chill sit-down bars. pastries in cafés. road trips to Monterey. sunny days with a book in bed. Ike’s and Bi-Rite and sleeping in Dolores. snow trips. giant breakfasts. playing Okami. exploring this city.

what I want.

01. dalmatian puppies.
02. to go to the circus.
03. company (Wednesdays are lonely).
04. chocolate chip muffins.
05. for things to be easy.

not the best of days.

spending the rest of my night with hot beverages, a 700-page book, and re-runs of Community. holler.