project runway video games ampersands breaking bad clothes soft towels playstation netflix comic books harley quinn libraries doodles watercolors pandas tacky things stickers funny-shaped post-it notes things shaped like animals presshearttocontinue floral prints cardigans gaff-taped boots my batman mug caramel apple lollipops indie movies skype productivity board games spaghetti bread bacon anime so many things that I like and I can’t even pause for a period this time around

los angeles.

reasons I like you:
- Grilled Cheese Truck & Diddy Riese
- Hollywood
- film people everywhere
- opportunities & film work
- celebrities, parties, plays & events
- live tapings of shows & podcasts
- easy Comic Con access
- Arclight theaters
- interns
- weather

reasons you suck:
- driving
- parking
- people
- drama
- tour buses
- too much partying
- not enough nerds
- UCLA neighborhood
- everything else

things I have to do within the next two weeks.

01. find a place to live in LA.
02. find someone to live in my place in SF.
03. convince my dad to let me use the car this summer.
03b. or buy a new car before my internship starts.
04. get a part-time job to pay for number 01.
05. pack up all my shit.
06. figure out how to get to LA with all my shit.
07. write this giant-ass essay.
08. say goodbye to all my graduating friends T____T
09. plan art/props for the rest of the month’s filming.
10. get really really really drunk.

I think I’m going to do this list backwards.

things all my friends know about me, and therefore you should too.

01. I have an unhealthy obsession with bread.
02. I have an unhealthy obsession with oreos.
03. I have an unhealthy obsession with pandas.
04. I watch an equal amount of anime, British TV, Showtime dramas, sitcoms, crime/detective dramas, and reality TV.
05. so even as a film major, I can admit to watching The Hills and Jersey Shore.
06. I have also never seen Big Lebowski…stfu.
07. I can’t whistle, snap my fingers, or ride a bike.
08. I’ve worn some form of a bow in my hair all day erryday since 2007.
09. I like clothes/bags/office supplies that are shaped like animals or have cute animals on them.
10. I like making lists that nobody reads.


01. been on set since 7am (ended at 8:30pm), meaning I had to wake up/say my goodbyes to Shane around 5:30am. sad sad sad day turned into fun fun tiring day.

02. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET SICK THREE TIMES IN ONE MONTH. like this is biologically impossible.

03. Spring Break has started today, but no relaxing until later in the week when shooting’s over! lots to do, but whatevs. Mad Men marathon once I’m back home.

04. landlord just came up to give me free shit as usual, but this time with two brand new shirts thrown in. COOOOOL.

05. (in 26 minutes) anniversary with boyfriend <3 not a particularly noteworthy anniversary or anything, but since we’re across the state from each other, I feel this needs to be said regardless. Shane, if you ever log onto tumblr again, I hope you see this and realize that I am delirious when on cold medicine, and thus this “romantic” internet gesture is just a fluke and you suck.

things I did today (because I’m sure you’re all wondering).

01. register for classes in the wee hours of the morning
02. see Adventures of Tintin (by myself)
03. get about $9048350938603 worth of gas
04. drive my momma to the hospital
05. do all the household shopping because I am adult
06. to be relevant, actually see Young Adult (by myself)
07. pack my bag for San Francisco tomorrow because I am going to spend the next few days with my smelly, stupid boyfriend YAYAYAYAYAY mawp.

woody allen films that I have seen.

in chronological order.

bananas. play it again, sam. sleeper. everything you always wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask). annie hall. interiors. manhattan. zelig. purple rose of cairo. hannah and her sisters. crimes and misdemeanors. husbands and wives. bullets over broadway. match point. cassandra’s dream. vicky cristina barcelona. midnight in paris.

total: 17 and counting.

which of these things do you like?

01. anime
02. video games
03. breakfast food
04. lord of the rings
05. british television
06. christmas
07. photos shot with film
08. starbucks
09. harry potter
10. tumblr

things I want to do over break:

01. build a gingerbread house.
02. make a lamp out of a wine bottle.
03. hang out at Color Me Mine/Petroglyph.
04. paint chalkboard mugs.
05. bake a giant cookie in a skillet.
06. watch all of Boardwalk Empire.
07. also Breaking Bad.
08. cam-whore with disposable cameras.
09. bake homemade whoopie pies.
10. walk around in stupid holiday outfits.

if anyone in the San Jose/San Francisco area wants to do one of these with me, hollaaaaa at me!

things I like to do (but rarely ever get to do).

sitting on rooftops. picnics and barbecues. trips to the zoo. pictures on the beach. going to the circus. chill sit-down bars. pastries in cafés. road trips to Monterey. sunny days with a book in bed. Ike’s and Bi-Rite and sleeping in Dolores. snow trips. giant breakfasts. playing Okami. exploring this city.

what I want.

01. dalmatian puppies.
02. to go to the circus.
03. company (Wednesdays are lonely).
04. chocolate chip muffins.
05. for things to be easy.

all I want.

relaxation. breakfast foods. flirty dresses. disposable cameras. pearl earrings. foreign pen pals. french movies. oxford shoes. brushing fingertips. old books. coffee flavored ice cream. sunny days. sleeping kittens. raindrop kisses. folk music. little pink roses. moleskine sketches. starbucks rendezvous. affection. the sound of silence. plush socks. blueberries. video games. soft singing. someone to just lay around with without having to say a single word.

all I want is what you want.

how to spend your thursday:

01. play Portal.
02. watch Sherlock.
03. eat a lot of breakfast.

great things that happened today:

01. Grace is living with us for 2 more days
02. watched a lovely French film with Audrey Tatou
03. got into the Producing/Financing class, yessss
04. everyone in this class loves Doctor Who
05. 26 out of 80 students in this class are my friends, wtf
06. (which is extremely rare for any college class in general)
07. Sean drew me this amazing picture of Doctor Who!!
08. Grace surprised me with dim sum, nom nom nom
09. my friends are going to be visiting on Thursday!
10. my current desktop background is David Tennant’s face

so yeah, today was pretty okay (:


01. finished Party Down, which I only started watching yesterday.
02. read all 62 chapters of the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama manga.
03. did 4 loads of laundry, even on my building’s busy day.
04. worked out for an hour (for the sixth day in a row).
05. then ate my weight in mocha fudge ice cream.
06. read 40 more pages of Catcher in the Rye.
07. which I have somehow never read in my 21 years of life.
08. did not go to Outside Lands because I am poor.
09. kind of discussed the short film we’re shooting next weekend.
10. made a list for no reason whatsoever.